The project essentially consists of the mapping-registration, appreciation and data-basing of the human capital needs in the growing Egyptian Aquaculture, and their partial matching by means of the corresponding mapping, selection and data-basing of the Egyptian migrant workforce capabilities available and directly affected in the Greek Aquaculture and Fisheries.  To enhance the chances for a successful and sustainable matching of the identified needs (Egypt) with the identified migrant capacities (Greece) we have deployed an innovative intra-sector ‘up-skilling’ program to be addressed to a selected part of the Egyptian migrant workforce in Greece.

The needs-capacities matching process, principally involved the mobilization of two professional corpuses with which we enjoy a long-dated cooperative relation: the Federation of Greek Mariculture and the Egyptian Fish Council. With the support of the project, allowed for the operation of two respective matching facilitation mechanisms: the ‘up-skilling’ recruitment office and the ‘welcome’ office. In addition they undertook and continue to do so, the periodical maintenance and up-dating of the developed data bases ensuring the self-sustainability of this matching process as a win-win condition for the deepening of their mutually beneficial business relation.

Data-base sharing and the intense networking facilitation among the above two respective and interested professional corpuses is expected to

(a) lead to the ‘up-skilling’ of the Egyptian migrant workforce in Greece,

(b) result to the gradual ‘brain-gain’ and

(c) to the support of ‘knowledge exchange and transfer’ in favour of Egypt.

Finally, at least two coordinated events involving joint activities and separate workshops relevant to aquaculture and fisheries were organized with a maximum feasible representation of the immigrant workforce community, the respective professional corpuses of aquaculture industry and fisheries federations and with the extended Greek Community of emigrant Greeks from Egypt and immigrant Greeks to Egypt as a facilitator element.


Our actions are described as follows:

1. To support the matching offer and demand of qualified labour in the sector in Egypt through:

(a) mapping needs of the open-sea fishery and aqua culture (ACF) in Egypt;

(b) mapping Egyptian skilled and scientific workers working in the academic and industrial Greek Fishery and Aquaculture Environment.

2. To create a facilitating environment in Greece to support the upgrading of skills and employment positions of recent Egyptian migrants regularly employed in the Greek open sea fisheries fleet to move into the Greek aquaculture industry.

3. To create a facilitating environment in Egypt for encouraging skilled workers in the sector to return.

4. To use Egyptian migrants based in or returned from Greece to teach, train and mentor Egyptian ACF workers.

5. To increase the development impact of the ACF sector in Egypt by providing guidance and support to prospective skilled return migrants on job opportunities in Egypt.

6. To support the creation of organic links between the Egyptian Fish Council and the Greek Association of Aqua Culture and sustainable knowledge exchange links.