Map of Greece,Major Fishing ports 

In this section we are pleased to present you with the results of our questionnaire assessment.

As a primary source of information regarding the status of the Egyptian fishermen in Greece, we have been based upon a questionnaire whose purpose is to assess information on the marital, economical, educational and work experience statuses of the workers. We are constantly "on tour" visiting the workers in various fishing ports of Greece, with the principals being in Kavala, Thessaloniki, Salamina(nearby Athens), Halkida(60 km from Athens), the island of Evia and other islands in the Aegean and Ionian sea (see map on the left where the major fishing ports of Greece are depicted).

The experiences and information we have collected through this engagement with the fishermen's  lives were invaluable. We were equipped with the appropriately targeted explanatory material, addressed to the Egyptian fishermen, the vessel owners/captains and the local authorities. Against to our primary hesitance, we have been welcomed and apparently been accepted without any major reserve against our motives and intentions.

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This is a short presentation of the methodology and rationale used for selecting a number of community leaders for the migrant community of egyptian fishermen in Greece. For the full paper visit our Documents section or download the paper from here.


Ιn order to effectively disseminate the program's core objectives, goals and potential benefits within the communities of the Egyptian migrant fishermen in Greece, we have engaged in the task of identifying a number of leaders in each of the regions that host such communities of a considerable volume.

Approaching a migrant community in order to inform them on a project designed for their benefit in absence of the targeted migrants, poses great difficulties as mistrust, suspicion and hesitance could emerge as typical and common-place human behaviour. To overcome these barriers it is advisable to centre the efforts of developing the required social ties around specific members of the community who may have the necessary qualifications that will act as dilutions of mistrust and reservation. Particularly the Egyptian fishermen are basically isolated from the local Greek communities due to the nature of their work, having a small degree of interaction with locals.

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