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1   Link   ANCE
Greek Partner of the project
2   Link   EAGA
Egyptian Partner of the project
3   Link   Migration for Development (M4D)
EU-UN Framework funding the present project.
4   Link   Fisheries Research Institute (Greece)
Research Institute where high-level training in aquacultures was offered voluntarily.
5   Link   Kefalonia Fisheries
One of the leading Aquaculture companies of Greece, that offers on-the-job training for the Egyptian migrant fishermen, for the purposes of our project.
6   Link   Metoikos Project
European University Institute Project for circular migration studies in Europe.
7   Link   Consortium for Applied Research on International Migration(CARIM)
8   Link   International Labour Organisation (ILO)
9   Link   International Organization for Migration (IMO)
10   Link   United Nations Developmet Programme
11   Link   The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
12   Link   United Nations Populations Fund